Note from Author:

For 2018, I have decided to explore something different with my blog posts. I will be writing a series of allegories (a story in which the characters and events reflect a deeper moral or spiritual meaning). I have also written a set of questions to help you reflect and apply the story to your own personal life.


September 12th 2017 5:30pm

       Ava storms past Olivia’s house upset and running. Being worried, Olivia runs after Ava. Ten minutes later, Ava; finally, has burnt out.

        "I’m … boxed … in!" Ava pants, throwing her knees to the ground and covering her face.

        "What box?" Olivia huffs, looking puzzled and trying to catch her breath. Olivia tries to identify their bearings.

       "Emm Ava, where are we?"

       Ava’s looks up at the unfamiliar territory around her with the same expression as Olivia.

       "Oh, you have got to be kidding? I’ve left my car open,” Olivia huffs in frustration as she turns around and starts walking back the way they came.

      "How have you got us lost?" says Olivia, turning with her hands on her hips, looking angry at Ava. Getting up and walking towards Olivia, Ava responds,

     "I didn't intend to get us lost. I just couldn't breathe."

     Scratching her head and then moving her hands to her face, Olivia questions,

     "Couldn't breathe? What? You was just running, have you gone mad?".

     Ava breaks down crying and Olivia comforts her. When Ava calms down she explains to Olivia that sometimes she feels like she is going mad. She explains that she is not referring to physical breathing but spiritual breathing. She feels overwhelmed, like change is impossible. Ava explains to Olivia the details of her life for the past year. How she feels boxed in, but not in a physical box. That she feels restricted, stagnant and limited in her mind, feelings, heart and relationships; especially her relationship with God.

    Regardless of her efforts, Ava remains spiritually frustrated in many areas of her life, causing her to feel overwhelmed like she cannot breathe. This is why she was running, she was trying to run away but gave-in because she realised you cannot run away from yourself. The box is internal, the inability and limitation is within. 


    Not knowing how to respond to Ava, Olivia comforts and encourages her, letting her know that things will get better. That she just needs to hold onto her faith in Jesus. Then they tried to find their way back home. 


September 12th 2017 10:00pm

    Later that evening, after getting her home in order, Olivia spends some quiet time thinking about Ava. Full of concern but feeling very powerless, she decides to pray for Ava. 

 “Dear Heavenly Father, I come to ask you to please help Ava breathe again. Lord you know and love Ava, please help her see and know your love at this time in her life. Father, I ask that you break the internal box that Ava feels she is in. Tear down the walls of her thinking. Melt the cement within her heart and stabilise her emotions so that she can breathe again, walk again and live again in a flourishing relationship with you. In Jesus name. Amen.”


September 19th  2017 12:30am

    Lying in the dark, tears running down her cheeks, Ava cries herself to sleep again.

    Ava finds herself in a theatre room, hearing the alarm of a monitor. A patient; covered, is on a table and the staff are just staring at the alarming monitor. 


    “Why is no one doing anything? Is the person dead?” Ava cries out.

    “Not physically dead,” speaks another.

    Ava looks around to find out where the other voice is coming from, but no one else is in the room. Ava, looking down defeated, whispering,

    “I don't understand?”

    The voice speaks again, “It’s like what you described to Olivia. It’s not physical death, but yes she is spiritually dying.” Ava looks up in surprise and asks,

    “How do you know what I said to Olivia?”

    “You know how I know Ava, just like you know who is on the table,” the voice replies.

    “Is it me Lord?” she whispers.

    "Yes, Ava it is you," the voice responds compassionately.

She falls to the floor in tears and asks, "why won't they help me?"

    "You know why?" the voice replies.

    Ava stands to her feet and examines the room as she shouts, "I do not know why!" She stands next to one of the staff, who is as still as a mannequin and throws her hands around in frustration and states,

    “I guess it's the same reason why everyone else can't help me… it's impossible!" The voice responds,

   “And that's why they can't help you because you do not believe you can be helped." She looks around in shock, then resigns speaking to the floor.

    "It is true… I'm too much of a mess."

    "Do you think a mess is impossible for me Ava?" the voice questions.

    "No Lord, but…" Ava looks for a distraction because He has caught her out. Walking over to the Doctors trolley, “Ahaha, that will do,” she thinks.

   "Why is there a big Bible on this trolley?” Ava asks.

   "My Word is waiting," the voice declares.

   "Waiting?" She questions.

   "Yes, for you Ava! My people are waiting for you, my Word is waiting for you and I am waiting for you," the voice announces. Ava, confused, asks,

   “Why are you all waiting for me, Lord?"

   "Because I have chosen you. I have presented life before you Ava. We are waiting for you to choose life," the voice boldly declares.

   “How do I choose life Lord?” she questions.

   “By saying yes to my Word,” the voice instructs.

    Ava wakes up and finds herself back in her bed, in the dark but something feels different… To be continued. 


Reflection questions

Place yourself in Ava's position and ask yourself:

1. Where am I at and what is going on inside me?

2. Am I seeking wise counsel?

3. Is God and those around me waiting for me to say "yes" to God’s Word?

4. What action can I take to move forward?

Place yourself in Olivia's position and ask yourself:

1.   How can I support those around me who are struggling?



All images courtesy of Pixabay