What do we do?
At Destiny Youth Group we learn to get to know God more on every level, as we believe it’s important to have an increasing relationship with God. Therefore we both pray and worship him. We learn different ways to communicate with God, through which we are able to both rise and build up as followers of Christ. We believe it’s important to set an example to others and spread the good news of God. In this youth group we are able to identify who we are in Christ and are able to put to practise our God given gifts. As a group however we do also establish relationships with each other and learn how to be one another’s brothers keeper. We socialise, share thoughts, stories and knowledge with one another. 

We become comfortable with each other, making it easier to open up about things on our mind and help uplift one another. Finally and most importantly, here at Destiny Youth Group we have FUN!

Who we are and what do we stand for?
We are Destiny Youth Group; we stand up for God/Jesus and because of this we stand for the word and the truth. We are children of God and we'll follow him.

How do we do and why do what we do?
We talk to each other to develop and evolve our understanding in the word of God. We aid and teach one another, whilst incorporating games and fun activities. 

By doing this we help to simplify and better our developing knowledge of the Lord. Through our learning and building with one another and interacting with those around us we are gaining a closer and a stronger bond with God. We do what we do to know God and have a relationship with him, through this we know who we are. 

For more details and information please email info@nndc.org.uk

DATE:  Please see event calendar
WHERE: New Nation Destiny Centre,
Holloway Hall, Priory Street, Dudley, DY1 1EX.